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h1. ruby-tumblr

h2. What

ruby-tumblr is a library for tumblr API.

h2. Installing

<pre syntax="ruby">sudo gem install ruby-tumblr</pre>

h2. API Document

h2. Demonstration of usage

h3. read

<pre><code>"") do |pager|

  data =
  p data.tumblelog
  data.posts.each do |post|
    p post

end </code></pre>

h3. write

<pre><code> Tumblr::API.write($email, $password) do

  regular("test body", "test title")
  quote("test quote", "test source")
  link("", "test link")

end </code></pre>

h3. backup

<pre><code>"") do |pager|

  data =
  0.upto(pager.last_page) do |n|
    puts "get #{n}/#{pager.last_page}"
    data <<
  end["HOME"], "backup.xml"))

end </code></pre>

h2. Forum


TODO - create Google Group - ruby-tumblr

h2. How to submit patches

Read the "8 steps for fixing other people‘s code" and for section "8b: Submit patch to Google Groups", use the Google Group above.

The trunk repository is svn:// for anonymous access.

h2. License

This code is free to use under the terms of the Ruby license.

h2. Contact

Comments are welcome. Send an email to "Keita Yamaguchi"